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Destination: Stann Creek

Stann Creek awaits travelers just down the scenic Hummingbird Highway from Belize City. Stann Creek is the second largest district in Belize, measuring 986 square miles of spectacular Belize views and raw Belize nature. Stann Creek offers an opportunity to experience the natural beauty and diverse composition that makes Belize so special. This makes Stann Creek an excellent way to experience raw Belize nature and authentic Belizean culture.

The Stann Creek portion of the Belizean coast is less developed and not as frequently traveled as other parts of Belize. The Stann Creek coast and the remote reaches of the barrier reef that it offers are home to quaint Belizean fishing villages and deserted beaches. From Dangriga down to Placencia, the coastal villages and towns are unique and special in there own way. Each one is different and provides a small glimpse of authentic coastal Belize life.

stann creek belize
The people are very friendly, there are miles and miles of deserted Belize beaches, and the water provides a magnificent aqua blue back drop to your visit. In the shallow depths of that gorgeous, warm Belize water is a vibrant world of marine life that includes the endangered manatee and the fabled coral reef.

For those who want to experience the best of Belize underwater, in addition to on land will find the Stann Creek area to have an abundance of wonderment to immerse themselves. For those seeking a more tranquil Belize beach experience, Stann Creek’s postcard perfect beaches and authentic Belize small towns will not disappoint.

Stann Creek is not just limited to white sand beaches and crystal clear Caribbean water. Stann Creek has a wealth of Belize culture and natural wonderment just a few miles inland. Stann Creek is home to a large portion of the Mayan Mountains, including Victoria Peak, Maya Villages, crowd free caves and an abundance of tropical rainforest. Stann Creek is proud to have the world’s first jaguar preserve, along with a plethora of rainforest wildlife.

The people of Stann Creek are even more pleasant and beautiful then the natural beauty of the region. In Stann Creek valley before you get to the historic home of the Garifuna people, Dangriga, where the Hummingbird Highway terminates its run.

With an amazing selection of adventures and attractions, Stann Creek is a wonderful place to spend a few days of discovery, and its central location makes it an ideal base from which to explore the rest of Belize too.